Welcome to the East Bridgewater Public Library Project Website

This website will be used to keep Town of East Bridgewater residents informed of all project news. Additional information about the East Bridgewater Public Library can be found on the East Bridgewater Public Library website.

The East Bridgewater Public Library is embarking on the exciting process of transforming  to meet the needs of the 21st Century. The world of library services has entered the digital age, expanding through Internet databases, online catalogues and downloadable content. Additionally, libraries have assumed an more complete role in the community; providing social services for children and young adults, spaces for civic organizations, and Internet connectivity. East Bridgewater residents deserve a modern public library and that fulfill these roles.

While there is a great affection for the history and architecture of the Library, the current structure and the addition added in 1978 are functionally inadequate. This has prevented the achievement of many of our present and long term goals. East Bridgewater Public Library mission statement focuses on a commitment to serving residents of all ages and interests in the community. Deficiencies in the current facility prohibit the fulfillment of this mission.

Retaining the present location and history of the library is a very important part of this process. The current building is situated in the geographic and social center of town, in close proximity to schools, post office, local businesses, and town hall.  Expansion should allow the Library to continue to be inviting, welcoming, accessible, and be the “living room” of the community.

Additional updates and meeting information can be found in the Meetings and News section